Research Processing

Processing Protocols

The following protocols describe standard processing performed in the Specimen Bank. Each protocol notes variations that can be made for a particular study’s SOP (standard operating procedure).

  • Serum Processing
  • Plasma Processing
  • Buffy Coats
  • DNA from Primary Samples
  • Microbial Isolates


  • Hettich temperature-controlled centrifuge for spins form -20C to 42C.
  • Zebra 4M+ barcode printers for label printing.
  • Micropipettors
  • -20C and -80C freezers, and 4C refrigerators for sample storage, all with 24×7 monitoring, backup temperature and alarm systems.
  • Bead beater
  • Qiagen Symphony and BioRobot high-throughput DNA extractors
  • 37C CO2 and non-CO2 incubators
  • Anaerobic hood and canister systems