Welcome to the Crimson Core Website. Each year we support hundreds of research studies and clinical trials, providing tens of thousands of samples to area researchers and laboratories.

COVID-19 Sample Processing

The Crimson core is processing COVID19-tested materials for clinical and research uses. Materials include plasma, buffy coat, serum (less commonly obtained), and aliquots of stool, sputum, BAL and other sample types from test-positive and test-negative individuals.  More information can be found on the Crimson Core COVID-19 page.


Clinical Trials and Research Processing: Central facility for handling consented patient samples, with options for 24/7 handling and diagnostic testing.

Prospective Collection: Collect discarded clinical samples for IRB-approved studies.

CLIA Validation Sets: Sample sets for use in validating clinical laboratory assays.

Apheresis Leukoreduction Collars: Source of white blood cells (WBCs) for functional studies.


Isolates: Request for clinical microbiology isolates

Expertise: Crimson core staff can assist with selection of samples for analyses, development of processing protocols and preparation of derivatives.

Testing: Access the full test menu of the BWH Clinical Laboratories and Clinical Trials Unit.