Welcome to the Crimson Core Website. Each year we support hundreds of research studies and clinical trials, providing tens of thousands of samples to area researchers and laboratories.


Clinical Trials and Research Processing: Central facility for handling consented patient samples and diagnostic testing.

Prospective Collection: Collect discarded clinical samples for IRB-approved studies.

CLIA Validation Sets: Sample sets for use in validating clinical laboratory assays.

Apheresis Leukoreduction Collars: Source of white blood cells (WBCs) for functional studies.


Isolates: Request for clinical microbiology isolates

Expertise: Crimson core staff can assist with selection of samples for analyses, development of processing protocols and preparation of derivatives.

Testing: Access the full test menu of the BWH Clinical Laboratories and Clinical Trials Unit.

Specialized Microbiology Testing: C. difficile surveillance and microbiome testing.