Prospective Sample Collection

The Crimson Core maintains tools to query data in affiliated clinical laboratories (10,000+ accessions/day). Investigators with IRB protocols approved to use these tools may access them through the core. Please fill in the Services Request Form to inquire about use of prospective collection for your study.

Querying for Samples

The following types of data may be searched to locate discarded materials:

Demographic Age, Gender, Location (Outpatient, Inpatient, ED)
Sample Collection Sample type (Blood, Urine, Culture, etc.), Location of Draw, Receiving Lab
Diagnosis Information Visit and Lab ICD.9 codes
Test Results Tests ordered, results, canned comments in reports only – free-text reports are not available for query.
Forwarded Cohorts The core can receive a forwarded patient cohort from another system, as defined in your IRB protocol. Use of forwarded cohorts must be clearly defined in the study’s IRB protocol, including how the cohort was developed and may be updated or modified. In many cases, studies provide cohorts of patients they have consented. Please contact core staff for more information.