Crimson Core: Samples

Obtaining Samples

The Crimson Core provides samples for a variety of clinical and research needs.

Prospective Sample Collection
Queries may be designed to identify discarded samples from the Clinical Laboratories that meet specific requirements.
Clinical Trials and Research Sample Processing
The core handles consented patient samples for processing, storage, or shipment.
Open Banks:
Local investigators may access materials in repositories maintained by the Core.
To initiate prospective collections:
  1. Submit the Services Request Form
  2. Discuss needs with core staff who will indicate documentation needed and how to optimally design queries to find appropriate samples.
  • Dedicated staff to handle research processing.
  • Access to 24X7 processing for handling that meets requirements for offshift processing.
  • Ability to ship to external locations, as defined in a study's IRB protocol, or store samples onsite for study-specific repositories.

To request sample processing services, the following are needed:

  1. IRB, IACUC (if animals) or Biosafety protocol under which materials are or will be collected.
  2. Any sponsor documentation for processing.
  3. Submit the Services Request Form.
  4. Core staff will follow-up to discuss, and coordinate needs for sample collection and handling.
The core maintains the following open banks:
  • Microbial isolates: From clinical microbiology testing and the core's strain bank
  • "Normal" serum and plasma
  • CLIA validation sets - sets of samples meeting parameters for defined values from CLIA testing.
  • Apheresis leukoreduction collars - a byproduct of platelet donation that provides high numbers of viable white blood cells (WBCs).

To request materials from open banks:

  1. Submit the Services Request Form.
  2. Bank staff will contact you regarding your request and documentation that will be needed.