Crimson Core Requests

To request samples and/or services:
  1. Please submit your request via our online form
  2. Core staff will contact you to discuss the scope of your project and any further questions.
  3. As part of discussions, core staff can advise on submitting or amending IRB and any other institutional protocols needed to request and receive materials. Core staff will also draft Tissue Transfer Letters for receipt of any prospectively collected or existing banked samples that will be released.
  4. Once the scope of the project, and needed documentation is in place, the core will provide a quote for services and standard operating procedure (SOP) for the project. If placing the request for grant and other planning purposes, the core can provide a multi-year estimate, as needed.
  5. Once the study investigator and core director have signed off on the SOP and needed documentation, the study will be setup and activated in our LIMS.
Study Setup Overview Image